Privacy policy

General information
Apoteka "Beograd" takes the privacy of the users very seriously. If you are the user of our APOTEKA BEOGRAD app for Android and IOS platforms, we want you to understand the conditions under which we record, store and use your information. This Privacy Policy  describes the information we collect, how we use it and how we change it.

The information we collect
When collecting your personal information, our primary goal is to provide you with the best and most efficient content and services. For the loyalty card APOTEKA BEOGRAD for the Android and IOS platform, we need you to provide us with personal information in order to function the service. This includes information for accessing the loyalty card, such as: first and last name, e-mail address and location.

Information gathering
To protect your privacy, the reminder data is stored on the device. You have two options to wipe out the reminders. The first is to use the application to delete the reminders, while the other option is to uninstall the application, by which time you need to confirm deletion of all data. This means that if you think that the data from the reminder affects your privacy, it is enough to erase all reminders, or to uninstall the application in the manner described. Note: If, for example, you are selling your device, if you do one of the above procedures, you will protect your Privacy if you want to do so, that is, if you consider the information described as private.

Protection against abuse
If you are log off from the Loyalty window by choosing the appropriate option, you will return to the log window. You will also achieve the same by touching the system \ "Back“ \ button. The difference is that if you are log off, you will have to log in again later, if you want access to the Loyalty option, otherwise this is not the case. Note 1: The option not to log off is more practical, but it is risky in terms of security. For example, if you lose the device, your logging could be abused. Note 2: Even if you are logged, this does not mean that data is not checked. So, if you are using the option to leave Loyalty without logging off, if you lose the device, block your Loyalty Account according to the existing procedure, in order to prevent possible abuse. Note 3: If you are selling a device, be sure to log off or uninstall the application.

If you want to cancel the Loyalty Account, type in your browser: http://android.apotekabeograd.co.rs/ApotekaBeograd/odjavaNaloga.php and when the page is open, follow the instructions below.

Use of information
Please be aware that we do not exchange your email address with our business partners.

Related websites
You must be aware that other websites that you can reach using an app link may contain privacy protection regulations for which Apoteka „Beograd“ cannot be responsible.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
All changes to our Privacy Statement will be published here and in APOTEKA BEOGRAD app for you to be fully informed about the privacy policy we offer and the selection of options available.

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